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Just starting out here.  Initially my posts will consist of short comments that focus on scientific discoveries that pique my interest.  As I get the hang of this I hope to start making longer comments, perhaps delving a bit more into speculative conjecture than a scientist might be prone to doing.  I’m particularly interested in investigating how various aspects of modern human cultures are affecting a human physiology and psychology that from my point of view is generally maladapted to our present circumstances.  It is my belief that modern lifestyles are having profound, and for the most part, negative impacts on human beings.  After all, over many millennia our species adapted to a life spent in small stable nomadic bands that typically had an anti-hierarchical ethos.  Those bands spent much of their days foraging for food, but perhaps less time than a typical person spends working nowadays.  Food that was gathered was shared more or less equally, the more successful foragers knowing that one day they may be dependent on the successes of others in the band for their daily sustenance.  Those who didn’t share were punished, first with shunning, then with expulsion.  Child rearing was probably a shared responsibility, with the women of the band lending support to one another.

Today, life seems to be all about hierarchy.  Hierarchy and social mobility.  Much about our present day lifestyles seems out of balance.  Humans are a social animal, but our sense of community is either dead or dying.  Our diets make little sense.   We get too little exposure to sunlight and too many sunburns, too much fat in our diet and too little of certain fatty acids, too much sodium and too little potassium and magnesium.  Too much stress, and nowhere to run, no one to fight.  Many of us drink caffeinated drinks to shake off sleepiness and then take a pill at night to help us to sleep.   All of these changes coming down upon us in a relatively few generations, and seemingly at an ever increasing clip.  What have been the consequences of this deluge of change?


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